Redwood Montessori School purchases property to make the business their own

Capital Access helped another North Bay business, Redwood Montessori School, to access$320,000 in total project financing to purchase a 1,215-square-foot building at 11201 Main Street, Penngrove, CA. Now the business owners, Aishwarya Kancharla and Daniel Turner, have a monthly mortgage payment that is lower than their rent!

The Redwood Montessori School’s physical environment plays a central role in the overall curriculum, so it was in important development for the business owners to purchase the building. From the developmentally-appropriate classroom layout to creating an outdoor area that enriches children’s interaction with the equipment, the natural environment, their teachers, and peers.

“It feels amazing to own the property,” said Aishwarya. “The low down payment made it possible to buy the property, but beyond that, our monthly mortgage payment is lower than our rent! Now, we can do what we want, what we feel is appropriate for the success of the academic program and our students.”

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