Pacific Coast Custom Interiors purchases auto repair facility in Santa Rosa and achieves a sense of security in the aftermath of the Tubbs Fire

Capital Access Group was pleased to help Ryan and Evan Nelson, brothers and co-owners of Pacific Coast Custom Interiors (PCCI), to secure $1.4M in SBA 504 financing to buy a 19K-sf parcel containing a 5.5K-sf auto-repair facility to expand their custom upholstery business.
PCCI is a family-owned business led Ryan and Evan, second-generation upholsterers who spent the early part of their lives apprenticing under their mother, Elaine Nelson, who continues to work in the business.

The purchase represents a huge milestone for the Nelson family. PCCI had “plateaued” at its prior location, which had only six parking spaces and was a “logistical nightmare, trying to keep five people busy,” according to Ryan.

Having the business on more solid footing was especially important for the Nelson family after the devastation wrought by the October 2017 Tubbs Fire in Northern California. Ryan and Elaine lost their homes, and Evan was displaced when the wildfire devastated their Coffey Park community in Santa Rosa.

“It feels like I’m living in someone else’s shoes,” said Ryan. “The peace of mind for our family, knowing that nobody can kick us out or raise our rent, and the stability of having that kind of long-term position in our market, for me, it’s just amazing knowing that every dollar we put into it just keeps it in our family.”

The Nelsons liked the SBA 504 loan’s low down payment and competitive interest rates, and they were also impressed with the “due diligence” they received from Jenny Tice, Business Development Officer, Capital Access Group.

“Jenny is one of the best people I’ve ever worked with on any business deal or customer service-related transaction in my life,” said Ryan. “She anticipated everything possible that could complicate or slow the process down. Her due diligence, skills and knowledge, and truthful commitment to getting this done–honestly I don’t feel like it would have happened without her.”