Capital Access Group Featured in Scotsman Guide

The Scotsman Guide magazine featured Capital Access Group Senior Vice President, Claudia Cohen, in a contributed article with insights about how to compete in a hot commercial real estate market.

Brokers, lenders, and business owners are all reporting that there is a very low supply of buildings in the Bay Area, and that smaller businesses are getting outbid by all-cash offers and investors who are willing to pay more or close more quickly on a property.

The article, “Compete With the Big Guys Using SBA 504,” addresses this situation with details about current trends in the commercial real estate market and advice to help business owners compete and win.

Capital Access Group is always ready to help borrowers increase their leverage in negotiations by determining their maximum pre-qualification amount at the start of their search. That way, borrowers understand their offer limit from the beginning and can negotiate accordingly.

Being prepared is key in this market. Visit our website to learn how you can get pre-qualified in 24 hours at no charge.