Interview With Dave Simmons, SVP of Closing and Servicing, Honoring 20th Anniversary with Capital Access Group

Dave Simmons, Capital Access Group’s Senior Vice President of Closing and Servicing, recently celebrated his 20th anniversary with the company. We interviewed Dave in honor of his many years of service and to find out what he enjoys most about working at Capital Access Group.

Q: Congratulations on your 20th anniversary at Capital Access Group! Tell us about your experience at Capital Access. What positions have you held with the company and what are your current responsibilities?

A: I began working at Capital Access as a Closing Manager. Eventually, I moved into a position on the management team and began to handle loan servicing in addition to closings. Today, I oversee closing and servicing, and I work with our liquidation consultants to monitor delinquent payments. I do a little bit of everything. I make sure that the closing documents are in order and that nothing falls through the cracks. After closing, I follow the borrowers for a few cycles to make sure they are on track.

Q: How do you think Capital Access Group is different from its competitors?

A: We offer years of knowledge and experience to our clients. Since most of us have worked together for over ten years, we established an excellent communication system that helps us solve problems better and get loans funded as quickly as possible.

Q: What is your favorite part about working here?

A: Definitely the people. Capital Access feels like family. When it gets too quiet in the office, I’ll try to make the environment livelier by chatting with people and making them laugh. I enjoy learning about their backgrounds and interests, and I get to know everyone pretty well. That’s what I look forward to when I head into the office every morning.

Q: What excites you about working with the 504 program?

A: The 504 program isn’t just a transaction; it affects people’s lives. I’ve enjoyed developing long-term relationships with some of our clients and watching their businesses grow. I’ve supported some of them for over 15 years, and they appreciate seeing a familiar face and receiving a consistent level of service over the term of their loan.

Q: How has the industry changed over the years?

A: The most significant change is that there is a lot less inventory than there used to be, which makes it harder to locate deals. Many business owners are looking for commercial property to buy, but it has been difficult for them to find property they can afford in the Bay Area.

Q: Is there anything else you want to say about your 20th anniversary?

A: I cannot stress enough how much I love working with the Capital Access Group team and how I’ve enjoyed my time these past 20 years. I also appreciate Jacklyn’s confidence in the management team by giving us the freedom and authority to make decisions and manage the workflow. That trust makes a difference in the workplace.