NPI Solutions, Inc. secures $7.3 million in financing to purchase a 52,000 sq. ft. industrial office lab space in San Jose, CA

Capital Access was thrilled to help Kevin Andersen, CEO of NPI Solutions, Inc., secure $7.3 million in financing to purchase a 52,000 sq. ft. industrial office lab space on a 3.8 acre parcel in San Jose, CA. NPI contracts with industrial, technology, medical, and science businesses to design their next-generation products from concept, to prototype, to final assembly and test, to life-end support.

Founded in 2000, NPI has experienced exponential growth, with operations in California, China, and Singapore. After 16 years of leasing and subleasing space in Silicon Valley, however, Kevin and his son Keith, who serves as the Director of Design Engineering for NPI, decided it was time to buy a building of their own.

The Andersens were attracted to the 504 loan’s low, 10 percent down payment, so they could “keep a sufficient amount of money within the company for operations,” according to Keith. The 504 loan also allows the company to lock in costs and make it possible to manage the maintenance of the building.

“We know where we stand now,” said Keith. “We can model what the business looks like in five years, ten years, and twenty years, because we are able to fix the costs and understand them more specifically. We can also manage the maintenance of the building without landlord controls.”

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AHK Electronic Sheet Metal purchases 58,500 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in San Jose with $9.3M in SBA 504 funds

Capital Access Group was pleased to help Elie Antoun, owner of AHK Electronic Sheet Metal, Inc., access $9.3M in SBA 504 funds to purchase a 58,510 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in San Jose. AHK’s expansion takes place in the already booming Silicon Valley, known more for the tech corporations that contribute to the area’s economic growth.

Antoun also owns Etched Media Corporation and recently purchased Tobar Industries to increase AHK’s manufacturing capacity. Co-locating AHK, Tobar Industries, and Etched Media in the new facility allows Antoun to move at a faster pace and run his businesses more efficiently.

“The loan gives us certainty. We know how much rent we’re going to pay, we know how much it’s going to cost us from that perspective,” said Antoun. “The SBA 504 loan provided the security that allowed me to be bold.”

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Capital Access Group Board of Directors approves grant to small businesses affected by the North Bay fires

Capital Access Group’s Board of Directors approved a grant to assist in fire recovery for small businesses in the affected North Bay counties. Rotary District 5130 will manage and distribute funds through their Business Grant Recovery Program.

Capital Access Group’s grant will aid small businesses in re-establishing their operations and preventing them from closure due to losses suffered from the fires.

“The North Bay fires devastated many small businesses, affecting the business owners, their families, and the surrounding community,” said Jacklyn Jordan, President and CEO, Capital Access Group. “We are proud to partner with Rotary District 5130 to help rebuild the community and to give small business owners in the area the support they need to get back to business.”

The Rotary District 5130’s Business Grant Recovery Program provides grants of up to $5,000 based upon demonstrated need. The grants may be approved to replace inventory, equipment, tools, repairs, and anything else necessary to re-establish the business. Approved grants do not need to be repaid.

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Treehut plants seeds for design and manufacturing expansion in San Francisco’s SOMA district with $4.43M in SBA 504 financing

Meet two of Capital Access Group’s latest borrowers, Julia and Johannon Olson, co-owners of Treehut, a design and manufacturing company that handcrafts watches and eyeglasses made of real wood. Capital Access recently helped the husband-and-wife team secure financing to purchase a 7,333-sq. ft. industrial-warehouse building in the center of the city’s thriving South of Market neighborhood.

Over the past four years, Treehut experienced exponential growth. Julia and Joh started operating Treehut out of their basement, and then moved the business twice to accommodate its growth, but leasing space was never a long-term solution.

“We are a manufacturing business, which requires us to customize the space to fit our needs,” said Julia. “Not a lot of landlords are fans of renting space to us for that reason, so we decided it was time to purchase property. Now we have the flexibility to make the space the best use for our manufacturing facility.”

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Longview Stables wrangles 15 acres for an equestrian facility

Capital Access Group provided $2,650,000 in total project financing to Lisa Durbrow and Cydney Shald, co-owners of Longview Stables, to purchase an equestrian facility located at 3777 Vineyard Road, Novato, CA. The property includes 15.1 acres of land, a residential building, and multiple horse stables and riding arenas.

Lisa and Cyd, a mother-and-daughter team, have been in business together since 2010. They currently lease space in Nicasio Valley, CA, and will move the business to the new property later this year. They couldn’t have done it without support from Capital Access and the SBA 504 program.

According to Lisa, “The only way that we were going to be able to secure this purchase was with the SBA 504 loan. Our banker told us about the program, and Capital Access Group took a leap of faith in us and our business. They had faith that in what we could do.”

“Working with Capital Access Group was super-easy and seamless,” she said.

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Redwood Montessori School purchases property to make the business their own

Capital Access helped another North Bay business, Redwood Montessori School, to access $320,000 in total project financing to purchase a 1,215-square-foot building at 11201 Main Street, Penngrove, CA. Now the business owners, Aishwarya Kancharla and Daniel Turner, have a monthly mortgage payment that is lower than their rent!

The Redwood Montessori School’s physical environment plays a central role in the overall curriculum, so it was in important development for the business owners to purchase the building. From the developmentally-appropriate classroom layout to creating an outdoor area that enriches children’s interaction with the equipment, the natural environment, their teachers, and peers.

“It feels amazing to own the property,” said Aishwarya. “The low down payment made it possible to buy the property, but beyond that, our monthly mortgage payment is lower than our rent! Now, we can do what we want, what we feel is appropriate for the success of the academic program and our students.”

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