Young and Borlik Architects Purchases New HQ in Los Altos, CA, with SBA 504 Loan

Young and Borlik Architects, a full-service architecture firm, has been in business since 1989, primarily doing residential projects—from small additions to large estates—throughout the Bay Area. “The expectations for residential architecture in the Bay Area are very high, as is the availability for top people, and for top quality construction and materials,” said Andrew Young, CEO, Young and Borlik Architects, Inc. “It’s a great place to be doing architecture.”

But the Bay Area wasn’t the ideal place to be leasing office space. Over the years, the firm has leased three different locations and has been at the “mercy of the real estate market,” according to Young.

That all changed when Capital Access Group helped the firm secure $1,935,000 in total project financing to purchase a 2,811 square foot building in Los Altos, CA.

“We were so pleased to provide Young and Borlik Architects with the financing they needed to purchase their own building with the SBA 504 loan program,” said Jacklyn Jordan, President and CEO, Capital Access Group. “After leasing for nearly 30 years, owning the building will help the firm control costs, which will make it easier to plan for the future. Plus, they can now create the ideal office environment for their employees.”

“The loan afforded us the ability to develop an office space that is ideal for our needs, and to furnish the space entirely to meet our staffing requirements,” said Young. “For the first time, we’ve been able to spread out a little bit and afford everybody a little more space around their work stations. Having this office is really ideal in allowing us the ability to grow on our own terms and not those of the leased situation.”

Young said that he and his partners are thrilled with the loan and what it has allowed them to do. “Getting our own space, and getting our own building has given us the ability to plan for the future, to not be at the mercy of other economic influences,” he said.

Currently, Young and Borlik has 13 employees. The new building will allow the business to add at least five more positions to its roster.

“The SBA loan for us was a great solution,” said Young. “The encouragement and support we received to our growth was key in being able to accomplish this.”

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